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Wrought Iron Fence

Diego Fence Company - Wrought Iron Fence

If you want to go for a durable and more natural look in these types of fences our wrought iron fences are going to be one of the best options out there for you.

These types of fences are one of the more durable fences that we are able to build. There are, however, a couple of things that we want to address to make sure that if you are shopping around looking for any particular type of fence you know most of these in’s and out’s of this option. We want you to remember though that we really don’t have a preference as to what type of fence you are looking to build. So you can rest assured that the comments that we make are just there to try and give you more information. Not, to try and persuade you to make a specific decision. Call (619) 765-4352 to get started.

What Does More Durability Do For Me?

We are always hearing these terms regardless of what it exactly is that you are looking to buy. In this particular case though, does more durability really help? We like to think that it does, but maybe not in the way that you imagined. These types of fences are going to be able to hold up in the elements for years with minimal maintenance. If we had to really pinpoint where we believe their durability advantage is, it would be in that they can be restored many times! Most of the aluminum fences are basically done once they lose their original flair iron can be brought back to life a couple of times!

Is It More Expensive?

As a general rule, we could say yes. This is where it can get pretty tricky though. You need to make sure that what you are getting is actually wrought iron or at least the closest thing that there is to it. This is even hard for us at times. It is not the 15th century when you could show up to your local blacksmith and know exactly what you are getting. These days a lot of the wrought iron that you see out there has been mixed with other metals. Working with the pros gives you a better chance of actually getting what you pay for!

Security Gates

Since we talk about it as one of the more durable components that we work with a lot of people will choose to go with these types of fences to act as their security gates. We actually believe that the success of most security gates is not so much in the material that they are made out of.  The design of the gate is what is going to ultimately increase its strength and effectiveness. This is also an aspect that we are willing to help with if need be! Dial (619) 765-4352 now.

Should Rust Be A Concern

Living here in San Diego people may be a bit reluctant to use metal or iron on outdoor areas. The sea breeze and the overall humidity in the air can affect cheap metals. For the most part, though, they are not a major concern for these types of fences. With proper maintenance even if you get a little rust here and there we can get things back to normal quickly. We also offering vinyl fencing service.