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Wood Fence

Diego Fence Company - Wood Fence

Having a wooden fence is one of those things that is just like a timeless classic. A lot of people have fond memories of places that they grew up in that had wooden fences. So they want to implement them now in their homes. Here in southern California you can literally take a stroll down many suburban streets and even beachfront homes and find these wooden fences virtually everywhere. We could make the argument that even though they can be considered a classic they still remain as relevant as ever. There are a couple of things that you should keep in mind when building or buying a wooden fence! Reach us by calling (619) 765-4352 and we will help you out with your fencing needs.

Working With Quality Wood & Wood Hybrids

The wood industry has really seen major developments over the last couple of decades. Now, we are not only able to choose between the different wood that you would find in a variety of diverse types of trees. These days you can also go out and buy a wood hybrid. Which, for lack of a better term is a type of wood that has been modified to be a lot stronger and durable. One thing that we do have to point out is that modified wood is known to be a bit more expensive than natural wood!

Helping Wood Handle Moisture

Making sure that any type of wooden structure can handle the moisture that it could potentially absorb from the air, rain, and even the ocean in some parts of San Diego is going to be one of the biggest challenges. We know that you have probably seen a lot of wooden decks in homes by the beach. Taking a look at these decks you can really tell the difference between the type of wood and treatment that each deck is getting. We want your fence to be like that deck that is unphased by the waves and the sand!

Is Wood Really Too High Maintenance?

If you take into account that a lot of the metal fences or even the vinyl fences are only going to need some water sprayed on them from time to time and wood is going to need a little extra care you could say that it is “high” maintenance. For a lot of people though waterproofing their wooden fences or applying varnish from time to time is not going to be a huge deal. So, yes it requires more maintenance, but it is not like a flower that you are going to have to tend to it on a daily basis. As we’ve said it really depends on your habits and what you like or you don’t!

Don’t Worry About Repairs

If your wooden fence starts running into some trouble don’t worry you can give us a call, and we will be there to provide any type of repair service that it may need. Call (619) 765-4352 to reach us now. Having that go-to service can really help keep any fence looking its very best regradless of the situations that it could come across!