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Solana Beach Fence Installation


When it comes to reliable and dependable workmanship, San Diego Fencing Co’s name always tops the list. We offer fence installation and fence repair services at super low rates. Call us at (619) 765-4532 and talk to any of our installers for free estimates and quotations. You can also email us your inquiries using our inquiry form. Just complete the details and we will get back to you shortly.

Who We Are?

We are Solana Beach’s premier fence contractor and fence company when it comes to high-quality fence installation and fence repair.  We have provided help and assistance to all our clients, big and small, with all fence related issues for years.

Our company has handled various types of fence issues not only in Solana Beach but in surrounding areas as well. Pool fence, metal fencing, wood fence, vinyl fence installation, redwood fencing name it, our crews have done it.

Affordable Fence Repair and Installation Services in Solana Beach

Fences are there to ensure that you and your children can relax and safely run and play at the comfort of your property, and at the same time give you privacy and away from prying eyes. 

Here are just some of the many fence types and services that we offer to all our clients and customers in Solana Beach:

Wood Fence repairs and installation  

Wooden fencing materials are best suited for people who love the natural feel and look of wood. There are lots of types of wood that you can choose for your fence, one that would fit your landscape or property and your lifestyle. However, our best sellers are cedar, pine, or redwood fence. These are our most popular wood fencing materials in Solana Beach. Wood fence on its own can provide natural beauty; however, staining it or sanding can add more aesthetic value to it aside from providing more protection from pests and various elements. For dilapidated and damaged wood fences, our crews are available to fix, repair, and even replace a portion when needed.

Vinyl Fence Installation

Vinyl fence requires less maintenance as compared to wood fence. It comes in various designs and different styles and colors. A vinyl fence can be installed very easily thus, costing less. It can copy and mimic natural woods or any fencing materials that you like. Normally, this fence would outlast fences made from wood, as wood fences are more prone to pests, changing weather conditions, and different debilitating factors.   Moreover, we use premium grade materials for this type of fence, ensuring you that it does not get damaged easily.

Pool Fence Installation

If you have a pool on your property, injuries can happen especially if you have smaller children running around. They can fall into the pool without you knowing or can slip and get injured. To protect them from these, putting a fence around your pool can be your best option. Our crews are adept in this matter. They can design a pool fence that would not only protect you and your kids but will also complement your landscape and pool itself. Built from high-quality materials, we guarantee that it will not topple easily and your kids cannot climb and can’t get over it easily.

We have other fencing services that we provide to all our clients in Solana Beach. Redwood fence installation, boundary fence, customized fence jobs, and fence repair, are just some of the services that you can avail of. Call us right now.

Contact San Diego Fencing Co. Today

For added protection or security for your home or property, call San Diego Fencing Co now. We are the local fence company in Solana Beach. We offer heavy-duty and reliable fences at very affordable prices. Call (619) 765-4532 for free estimates. You can also email us your questions. Just fill out our form and we will get back to you shortly.