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this picture shows pvc fence installation san diego

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If you are searching for a great alternative to aluminum or wood fencing, you should consider PVC fence installation. This type of fence is more durable than a wooden fence and is more aesthetically pleasing than an aluminum fence. The fencing system is available in a wide range of textures and colors and is, therefore, a versatile option. Dial (619) 765-4352 for free estimates for free quotes.

There are over 50 styles of PVC fences and this means you will have a more varied choice.  You will need to paint or stain this type of fence and it requires no maintenance.

After buying a PVC fence, some assembly steps will be required. The process isn’t hard.  Here are steps to follow in a PVC fence installation.

Take Measurements Before Mark Off

You will need to begin by determining the fence’s measurements and the different sections. You can now measure off that the installation area of the fence location using stakes and strings. Ensure that the corner post’s stakes are a few inches beyond the final locations so that the strings can cross at the right location. The posts should be set at a similar interval in areas where the PVC fence section ends. Take the gate measurements and set the posts in the right way.

Digging Holes

Dig holes where you will be placing terminal posts. The diameter of the hole should be ten inches while the depth should be a third of the length of the post.

this image shows pvc fence installation

Setting Terminal Posts

Follow the guidelines of the manufacturer to mix concrete. Working with a single post at a time, pour cement in the hole before putting the post into the concrete. Ensure that the post is level across the fence. Consider the vertical axis with the level of the post.  Add cement while allowing water to flow away. You can tie a string at the top of the inserted post to guide you on the location of the other posts.

Panel Installation

Install the rail bracket and rail hangers of the PVC fence using screws.  Ensure that the separate panels can slide property into the bracket. Fasten the panels on hangers.

Gate Installation

Ensure that you match the gate with the fence bottom so that it fits well. Cut lumber that measures two by four so to fit the two fence posts where the gate and latch will get attached to. By attaching the two, you can be assured that the wood will be level. Screw latches and hinges into place. You can now try opening and closing the gate to find out if it will run smoothly. Ensure that the posts have been glued in place. You can hold each for several seconds to ensure that it has set.

For the best result In PVC fence installation, you need to engage an expert. One of the names that are reputed in the installation of all types of fences in San Diego Fence Company. You can call us on (619) 765-4352 to discuss your project.