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Metal Fence

Diego Fence Company - Metal Fence

The first thing that we want to point out as far as metal fences go is that there are many different types of metal fences. We used this generic name for the page so that we would be able to cover the different types of fences that we are able to create. By different types of fences, we mean different in the actual main component that they are going to be made out of. We can have aluminum fences, steel fences. We can build picket fences, security gates, chain link fences. The options are abundant as you can see. Call (619) 765-4352 to know more about your fencing options.

Aluminum, Iron Or Other Types of Metals

We could talk about the pros and cons of going with each type of fence. We would need a couple of more pages to be able to kind of sort everything out. Even if we did a thorough comparison we would not be able to come with a conclusion as to which one happens to be better. Most of the times aluminum is going to be a lot cheaper and easier to mold. Wrought Iron or other types of metal fences are going to be more durable. It is really about finding the type of fence that you believe can fit what you are looking for the best!

Chain-Link Fencing

Although a lot of times chain link fences are looked at as a quick and cheap option that should not be used on a long term basis, there are exceptions to the rule. Not all chain link fences have to be short and easy to climb. A lot of these fences that have a mesh that is more tightly woven together make for great fences to stop trespassers. They tend to look great around pools and sports courts. If we had to pick one thing out of the entire site that we wanted to make sure stuck with everyone who looked at the site it would have to be the fact that all our clients start with a clean sheet. We build what you tell us to build!

Fence Design

If you want to have a picket fence that resembles the one that you can find on the front of that famous white house on Pensylvania Avenue in D.C. we could literally make an exact replica! There are two things that we have already said, that we want to bring back so you remember. Number one, we can build whatever it is that you want to build! Number two the type of materials that we would consider we use in our “metal fencing” services are very easy to mold for the most part.

Budget, Look, Safety

We talked about finding the perfect fit. We can actually sit down with you and find the perfect material that will fall within your budget will be strong enough to handle your needs and will make you feel safe. You can choose the aspects that are important to you and we can find the right type of material that will fit the bill! Dial (619) 765-4352 now to see what we can offer.