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Electronic Fence Installation San Diego

this image shows electric fence installation in san diego

Fool-proof Electric Fence

When considering a fence for your animals, you will need to think of the kind of animal and the area size. The pressure put on the fence by animals will depend on the location and size of the enclosure. You will also need to consider the skills and labor required in the fence installation. One of the options that are perfect for animals is an electric fence.

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One of the benefits of electric fence installation is that it provides flexibility in the design. When it is well made, an electric fence can restrain a wide range of animals from rabbits to horses. It works perfectly for cattle, pigs and horses.

Application of Electric Fence

Here are tips on electronic fence installation.


During an electric fence installation for horses, you should use two or 3 lines of rope or tape that is highly visible. If it is for a pony, ensure that the top line is about one meter high.  For horses, this should be about 1.4 meters high. Take note that each horse behaves differently. But you should go for the nose height. When used together with plastic posts, the electric fencer installation can be a good choice for strip grazing, providing a strip of fresh grass every day. This can ensure that there is control on animal grass and also help to control conditions like laminitis.

Goats/ Sheep

For goats and sheep, you should use three 3 lines of tape, wire or rope through plastic posts. The tapes should be at a height of 25 centimeters, 50 centimeters, and 75 centimeters. You can use ship netting to control lambs and sheep without horns. You should also use a strong energizer while containing sheep as they are properly insulated by their fur.


During an electronic fence installation for beef cattle, you should use a visible fence. Therefore, you should have several ropes, twine or tape with the highest one at 120 centimeters high. One tape line is enough to contain dairy cattle.


Pigs have very little insulation and therefore, respond well to an electric fence. They learn how to respect them early enough. Just three lines of twine or wire are enough for strip grazing.


A good choice is the use of poultry netting. These are usually mobile and it is possible to buy spare posts separately even when the ground is uneven. When selecting an energizer, remember that nets can prove to be power-hungry.


A good choice is the use of high electric netting that reaches 50 cm high to prevent the entrance of pets in and out. When selecting an energizer, you need to be careful as nets can get power-hungry. For every 50 meters of netting, the energizer is supposed to power 8 by 50 m horizontal lengths.


A netting of 50 centimeters or 75 centimeters is a good choice for smaller dogs. However, bigger dogs can respond well to a few electric tape lines. You will need to determine the maximum height that the dog can jump to choose the right height.


A high netting of 50 centimeters is a great choice for restricting small pets such as cats.  For all your electric fence installation, you should contact San Diego Fence Company on (619) 765-4352.