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San Diego Douglas Fir Fence

this is a picture of douglas fir fence in San Diego, CA

Your property's most important line of defense is your fence. A Douglas fir fence will protect you and your family from intruders, while also adding to the appearance of your home. Don't settle for a cheap chain-link fence that won't last or an ugly wooden one that will make you regret the day you bought it. San Diego Fencing Co., with years in business, has installed fences for some of the most prestigious homes throughout Southern California. We'll provide a free estimate on any project.

More About San Diego Fencing Co

San Diego Fencing Co. is a professional fencing company that provides high-quality fence installation services in San Diego, CA. We strive to be the best by providing our customers with quality workmanship and top-of-the-line materials at competitive prices. Our team of experts will ensure your property has an attractive new fence for years to come! 

We have many different types of fences available including douglas fir, wood, wrought iron, aluminum, vinyl, chain link fencing, and more! Contact us today at (619) 765-4352 for a free estimate on any type of installation service you may need.

Advantages of Douglas Fir Fence

Douglas Fir Fence is a popular choice for homeowners. It has many benefits that make it worth your consideration. Here are the advantages of getting a douglas fir fence:

  • Douglas Fir has an attractive appearance that doesn't need to be painted. This will save you time and money in the long run as well because the douglas fir fence can last for decades without any upkeep.
  • It is a strong wood species that resist decay or rotting. Your douglas fir fence won't have to be replaced anytime soon with this type of fencing material.
  • The bark isn't rough like other types of trees which means it's great at deterring small animals from getting into your yard. You don't have to worry about pesky squirrels digging up your new lawn anymore.
  • It can be a great addition to any landscape because douglas fir has many shades of green.
  • The douglas fir is resistant to insects, fungus, and other pests. This means your fence will stay cleaner for longer than in years past!

Disadvantages of Douglas Fir Fence

  • It is a high-maintenance type of wood that requires more work than other fencing options.
  • It doesn't do well in dry climates and isn't recommended for desert environments.
  • The douglas fir fence will be more expensive when compared to some of the alternatives on the market.

How much does douglas fir cost?

The pricing on douglas fir varies depending on where it's being purchased from or who is selling it. The douglas fir is one of the most expensive types of fencing out there. You can expect to pay anywhere from $25 per foot up to $200+ for a single piece depending on where you purchase it, how much coverage you want, and other factors.

Douglas Fir Fence Installation by San Diego Fencing Co

If you are looking for douglas fir fencing installation work in San Diego, CA done by professionals then contact us today at (619) 765-4352 or message us through the contact form of this page. Our team is always eager to talk about your project with you so don't hesitate to call. We offer high-quality services that won't break the bank when it comes time to pay. You won't be disappointed when you work with us.