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this image shows deck fence installation

Exquisite Deck Fence

Many homeowners are afraid of installing a deck as it seems like a huge project that is also overwhelming. A deck is also a great place for your family to enjoy special times together. It doesn’t matter is if you choose a deck that is made of wood or composite.

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One thing you can be assured of is that it will add to the aesthetic value of your home. Decks are available in a wide range of finishes and colors. With the different design options, you can stain or paint the deck to complement the current design of your home. For example, the majority of homeowners prefer to match the color of their decks. After deciding to have a deck, you will now need to fence it.

Why A Deck Fence?

Deck fences are necessary safety features on decks. They offer a welcome feeling of safety and can, therefore, enhance your family's relaxation time. Remember that deck fences aren’t just functional. They can also represent a great opportunity to extend and complement the deck design. Your choice of a railing system should stand out. Therefore, you need to give a lot of through to the fence. To help you choose an idea deck fence for your backyard, here are a few tips.

Choose the Right Height

Height is a key aspect when it comes to deck fence. In most cases, you should be guided by your local building code. However, a typical deck railing ranges from 36 to 42 inches tall. Anything shorter than this can be unsafe. If higher, it might hinder your need. To ensure the safety and best results, make your deck fence to be within that range.


this picture shows deck fence

Choose the Right Material, Style, and Color

When picking the right deck fence, you should pick materials that are aesthetically pleasing and very appropriate. The material should be durable and shouldn’t require a lot of maintenance.

Consider Your Local Code

Bear in mind that the reasons why local building codes exist are to protect you and your family.  For instance, many townships require the baluster on a deck fence to be spaced at a maximum of 4 inches. This law was put in place as a result of small children slipping through balusters or having their heads stuck between the spaces. Therefore, the building codes are for the safety of your family and you should, therefore, adhere to them.

Consider the Must-Have Features

Even though there are many types of deck fences, when picking the right system, you will need to consider the aspects of the railings that are not negotiable as a result of safety concerns and the building codes. If you are unsure about them, you should contact a fence installation expert for guidance. If you need a reliable and experienced fence installation contractor, you should contact the San Diego Fence Company. No matter the kind of fencer you need, you can always rely on our expertise. Call us today on (619) 765-4352.